How upgrades and downgrades work in ServPress

Who processes the payments? All our payments are processed by Paddle. This allows us to be tax compliant all around the world while keeping your payment information safe. Our fair prorated approach to upgrades and downgrades We apply a fair prorated approach to all upgrades and downgrades. When you change plans, Paddle will adjust your […]


What is DigitalOcean? DigitalOcean is a cloud hosting provider that offers VPS (Virtual Private Server) especially for developers. It is equipped with a solid infrastructure and provides multiple services. It is mainly used for hosting applications and websites and is preferred by users due to its ease of use. How do I prepare a DigitalOcean […]


What is Vultr? Vultr is a cloud hosting provider that offers SSD VPS servers, cloud servers and cloud hosting. Their control panel makes server management simple and intuitive with common tasks such as ordering servers, managing backups and adjusting access control only a few clicks away. How do I prepare a Vultr server to use […]

How to change plans

Available plans ServPress has three plans that you can choose: Everyone starts with the Personal plan, but you can switch easily through the ServPress panel. How to upgrade your plan Go to the main page of your organization, and click on the “Change plan” button on the “Current plan” block: Now choose the plan you […]

How to manage server-side redirections

What are server-side redirections? Server-side redirections are a method of redirecting a URL that is performed by the web server. When a user tries to access a certain page or URL, the server recognizes the request and redirects the user to the appropriate page or URL. Is it any different from what I can currently […]

How to manage server services

What are server services? A server service is a software program that runs on a server and provides a specific functionality or feature to users or other software applications. It can be thought of as a specialized tool that performs specific tasks or services on behalf of the server and its users. For example, a […]

How to manage SFTP users

This article will guide you through the process of managing SFTP users to your ServPress servers.

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