What's new?

We are always innovating to improve ServPress’ dashboard. See our latest updates below.

PHP 8.3 can now be added to your servers along all the supported PHP versions on ServPress. You can follow our tutorial if you haven’t yet installed any additional PHP version.

We have upgraded the MariaDB repositories to MariaDB 10.11 LTS (from 10.6 LTS), and we have fixed a bug that may cause Redis not to update, and in some cases, the control panel not to work.

Our previous change to the how Redis flushes cache had an impact on servers hosting a lot of websites. Previously, when a single website requested a flush of the Redis cache, it would result in the entire database being emptied. As a result, this caused spikes in server load as other websites attempted to write cache to the Redis database simultaneously.

However, we have now implemented a new approach where each website is assigned its own separate Redis database. This change improves performance over time by ensuring that each website can operate independently without affecting others on the server.

Before, when one site tried to empty their Redis cache, they would only flush their own cache keys and values by running a custom script. This script could cause performance issues on the other sites if the Redis cache was too big while being purged, sometimes hanging reads. We’ve changed it so it will flush the entire Redis cache, which is faster both to flush and repopulate.

Now you can assign the free TLS certificate with autorenewal even if the domain still not pointing to your server. ServPress will scan the domain every minute to see if it’s pointing to your server, and once it is, the certificate will be issued without your intervention. This is ideal when pointing the domain to your server doesn’t depend on you (or your DNS TTL is high).

We’ve optimized how packages are installed, making the task about 30% faster!

We’ve also listened to our users’ feedback (thanks Victor!), and we’ve added a progress bar to the installation process. No more spinners!

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