How to update your server

This article will guide you through the process of updating your server with ServPress.
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What are server updates?

Like WordPress, your server also needs to be up-to-date with the latest security patches. Each component in the operating system is called a “package”. This would be pretty similar to WordPress’ plugins, but for the operating system.

ServPress not only allows you to update ServPress services, but also Debian core components.

Updating your server

Click on the Updates tab on your server, and a list of updates will appear (if you have any!):

You’ll be able to see the package names like you would on any Linux distro, but ServPress will also categorize each package depending on what it is, so even if you don’t have the technical knowledge you can see what is what and learn about it.

Now you can choose what to update. This is useful if you need a package to be updated ASAP, and you want to delay others. You can select multiple packages as well. If you are not sure, just click on the first checkbox (the one on the left of the “Package name” column), that will select everything.

Then, click on the Update Packages button and the system will start updating.

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