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Available plans

ServPress has three plans that you can choose:

  • Personal: Free plan that allows you to manage 1 server, without a website limit, which is really as much as the server you are managing can fit. The other main limitation is that it doesn’t allow you to form teams (hence the name).
  • Professional: Paid plan, in which you can you manage up to 3 servers. You will be able to add members to your plan and you will get early access to new features over time. We are also planning some exclusive features for the Professional plan, that will be shared on the What’s new page.
  • Company: Paid plan, in which you can manage up to 10 servers. It includes the same features as the Professional plan.

Everyone starts with the Personal plan, but you can switch easily through the ServPress panel.

How to upgrade your plan

Go to the main page of your organization, and click on the “Change plan” button on the “Current plan” block:

Now choose the plan you want by clicking on “Select this plan”. A new window will appear for you to input your payment data. All our payments are securily processed by Paddle.

Once you’ve finished the payment, the plan will activate immediately after it’s accepted. You can see your invoices by going to the Billing tab.

How to downgrade to the Personal plan

You can downgrade to the Personal plan at any time if you:

  • Have one server or less.
  • Have no team members.

The process to downgrade is the same as above, except that you have to choose the Personal plan instead.

Is there any proration?

Yes, you can read more about our fair prorated approach to both upgrades and downgrades here.

How to fully cancel the account

If you are no longer satisfied with ServPress, you can close your account by contacting us. We’d be sad to see you go, but if you have any advices, feedback or opinion for us, we’d like to know what we did wrong in order to improve.

Do you have more questions?

Join our community today and feel free to ask about ServPress.

We’ll do our best to help you out.

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