The Easy Way to
Manage WordPress Servers

ServPress unlocks hassle-free server management for WordPress.

Connect a server and start managing WordPress websites in 5 minutes.

Manage your WordPress sites

All you need to manage your websites effortlessly, with the best practices in place.

Built for WordPress

Laser-focused on WordPress performance

ServPress is designed to get the most performance out of WordPress installations.

That’s why we have direct integration with Redis and cache plugins.

No need to reinvent the wheel when we already have the best wheels available.

More than just managing WordPress

All you need to keep your own server up and running with optimal performance and airtight security.

Why ServPress

We built ServPress to solve our own problem.

Top Notch Experience

We know every pain point involved with building and deploying WordPress websites, from small development websites to fully fledged e-commerce shops with thousands of visitors a day.

That’s why we’ve painstakingly built the server management tool you’ve always wished you had — one that “just works”, focused on WordPress, and one that still keeps you in control of your data and freedom.

Security is a default

We are focused on helping you have your WordPress website online, without having to sweat over all the intricate security details every single time you want a new website on your server.

Everything we build is done following industry best-practices and heavily tested.

Freedom of choice — No lock-ins

We didn’t want our websites to be locked into one service provider, and we don’t want yours to be either.

We’ve designed ServPress to bypass this by allowing you connect to any server, no matter the provider, and manage it via our cloud panel, replicated across more than 250 cities around the world.

And if you don’t want to continue using ServPress, you can just disconnect your server from it and everything will continue working.

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